Hot Stone Reflexology

Nafisa Therapy is excited to be offering a similar treatment “hot & cold reflex to the feet” to her practice in the winter months. It will be a course offered by the Seed Institute.  Here’s a little preview of one style of hot stone reflexology.  Courtesy of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR).  

Benefits of Pre & Post Natal Massage

As a massage therapist I work with pregnant mums from early pregnancy to postnatal. Whether pregnant for the very first time or having children already, all mums could benefits from some form of therapeutic massage. It’s an amazing journey having a baby. A new mum has to undergo many postural changes, but particularly in the […]

Massage for Gardeners

The sun is finally here, spring has arrived; time to spend ‘hours’ in the garden. It’s a race against the clock, the rain may arrive again tomorrow and the grass needs mowing, the trees and plants need cutting back. Your back is protesting but your green fingers say GO! Its possible that you may use […]

Pain In The Neck

When something is a “Pain in the neck” you’re usually describing a bad situation. For some the phrase can be taken literally.  With only seven vertebrate and 26 muscles supporting the weight of a human head, the neck is vulnerable, yet tolerates huge movements. The pain can come from so many daily tasks, like carrying […]

Chakra Energy, Aura, Colour & Reflexology

I have always found chakra balancing, colour healing, energy fields and auras amazing subjects.   In 2000 on a cold winters morning I sat waiting for my bus on my way to work at the Reflexology shop in Bayswater and a women looked at me and said’ “I can see you have a silver aura”.   Well […]

Acupressure Massage and RSI

Since I became a massage therapist and undertook special training in Acupressure Massage. I went off to work in many big corporate buildings all around London. I offered 15-minute express (clothed) massages using a specially designed chair.   Wow! I was astonished the difference such a short pressure point treatment could make to the body tension […]

Massage and the Immune System

Christmas is coming, a joy for some and stress for another, I prefer to keep my Zen and shelter myself away from the commercial rush. Keeping up my exercise routine, eating well, venturing outdoors (ha ha I am hoping). If you experience high levels of stress you may tend to get sick more than others. […]

Acupressure & Reflexology Points to Help fight Cold and Flu’s

  Having a few clients now coming in with headaches, stuffy noses, but leaving somewhat happier and feeling soothed from their ailments. Acupressure and reflexology is proving to be effective in keeping the symptoms of cold and flu at bay. Its that time of year! Once a cold sets in it slowly weakening the body’s […]

Labour Pregnancy Acupressure Points

Is this you? Swollen ankles puffed up like oranges, feeling like there are shooting pains running up your back, you cant bend down to put your socks on anymore.   40 weeks and your baby is so comfy and wont budge. (Due dates are, of course, just estimates and it’s common for most mums to go […]

Can Massage lift Depression?

I have met many clients over the years, that have sat down before a treatment, filled out a consultation form, and have told me they suffer from depression, but its ok they have been taking anti depressants for X amount of years, and it’s fine. “It’s my neck, shoulders that I have come to have […]

Stress Free

As a holistic therapist I help to get my clients in the “zone”, helping them to destress and unwind with massage and reflexology.  Once they have left me how do they continue to maintain the relaxation. Knowing how to relax is vital for ensuring your health and well-being, as well as restoring the passion and […]

DIY Reflexology TIPS

  Your feet take us everywhere; they carry our bodies all day long.  Have a little look at your feet after they’ve spent a day in those lovely leather shoes, or peering out of your open toe sandals. What do they look like? Feel like? Are your feet pink and healthy and ready to go? Maybe, maybe not…  Possibly your ten toes […]

Reflexology and PMS

  Starting to feel a little bit emotional, angry, snapping at the slightest thing…. Are you starting to feel like your coming out in spots, need to eat chocolate NOW! Maybe a little tired, a bit more than usual…? What’s going on? Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) maybe upon you! PMS can be caused by a trigger […]

Spring – Forage for Free!

Love  Spring – It’s the start of spring days; flowers are waiting to burst from their buds. The food we eat becomes lighter, more fresh and green. Say goodbye to hot comfort food of the winter months. We have also celebrated National Nutrition month, so here’s a couple of recipes to tickle your taste buds. Take […]


Mindfulness isn’t just the thing you practice during a 10-minute morning meditation. It can be something mixed in throughout your daily life by simply paying a little more attention to your activities as you are in that moment. You could start by engaging in your creative play, that could be putting out the washing, gardening […]

Menopause – Embrace It!

Our lives can get so busy, and life doesn’t stand still or slow down for the menopausal women. It carries on as normal, whilst we are left to carry a new bag of emotions, sweats, and sometimes tears. We should be allowed to let go and understand the need to let go and allow the […]

Gift vouchers for a loved one?

So say ” I appreciate you”, “Your Loved”, “Your Cherished”, “You Are An Amazing Mum”. Here is your ‘YOU TIME!’. We often don’t stop for a moment to think what we or our loved ones need.  An impulse buy of a bunch of flowers or chocolates to say “thank you” or “I love you”, doesn’t […]

Wakey Wakey – Stretch and Shine!

Stretches to energise your morning Here are 6 stretches you could do as a morning routine to feel strong, flexible and grounded. Ground your thoughts, take a moment focus on your breath. Keep warm when you do your stretches, so great after a morning workout or after a hot shower. But if your just getting […]

Self Massage Acupressure Tip

Do you get headaches? New Year has began we have started rushing around again, clients have been coming to me with headaches and need of a destress.  This is a great way to help yourself! The theory is that the body has special “acupoints”, or acupressure points, that can be found along invisible “energy channels” of […]

Take a moment out of your day

Take a moment out of your day.  We make time to put on the kettle, brush our teeth, put on our clothes, go to work, make the dinner….. take another moment for you.