Massage can provide significant relief from all those aches and growing pains that the many physiological, structural, and psychological changes and that can accompany pregnancy at times. Other changes include increased weight, hormonal changes, and the increasing dropping of the pelvis which can be relieved by massage and aromatherapy. Massage helps to ease lower back pain associated with pregnancy through addressing the lumbosacral tilt that occurs.

Here are some more of the benefits of massage and aromatherapy both prenatal and postnatal. Massage can help increase circulation, which helps to transport oxygen and nutrients to all of our cells, providing you and your baby with a healthy oxygen supply and wonderful nourishment. Increasing circulation can also reduce the varicose veins forming and reduce swelling in the feet, ankles and legs. When you are pregnant your blood volume increases as much as 40%, which can stress the lymphatic system, and increase fluid retention. Massage can reverse this. Massage also improves skin elasticity, increases flexibility and tone to the muscles, which can help ease muscle cramps and reduce stress on weight bearing joints. Aromatherapy Oils can be used to further improve the skin’s elasticity and prevent and reduce and heal skin scarring. Massage stimulates the endocrine system and the associated glands, which then helps to stabilise and reduce stress hormones to yourself and your baby.

Regular pregnancy massage helps to soften the muscles around the lungs and thoracic cage, which helps to expand breathing capability and provide more oxygen to your baby. Massage and aromatherapy works very effectively on the nervous system to induce a sense of calm, which then in turn helps you to sleep better and help your baby to grow healthier and happier.

Regular massage during pregnancy can help to relieve your tense shoulders, chest and back and also help prepare you for the breastfeeding stage and it is necessary to sit and feed, which can cause an aching upper back and shoulders. Massage also helps to maintain correct posture, which then alleviates shoulder, neck, upper and lower back pain.