babyMassageOne of the first senses developed within the womb is that of touch. Touch is a new-born’s first language, their instinctive way to communicate to mother or father.  Touch through massage and soft stretches can also alleviate the effects of postnatal depression and helps parents have a positive interaction with their baby. After about 2 months of giving your baby light, intuitive massage from birth, their physiological flexion that has kept their arms and legs in a semi-foetal position should be reduced. At this stage its perfect timing to introduce a more structured massage routine.

                               BABY CLASSES

Private Classes available in your own home.  £240 for a group of up to 8 babies per class.  Massage techniques for life not just while they are just babies.

Why massage your baby

It can help to stimulate circulation, release stress, improves muscle tone, improve sleeping patterns, reduces discomfort from colic, gas and constipation, strengthen digestive, circulatory, and intestinal systems, improve body awareness, stimulates right/left brain development and coordination, increases sense of being loved and acceptance, empower mums and dads to get to understand their babies…..and make you and your baby laugh (that would be the endorphins flowing).

Coming into your home is an intimate experience especially shared with other mums and babies within your friends group. Nafisa will start a class with introductions, gentle mums warm up exercises and talk through any areas mums would like to know more about within the sessions. Each week you will massage different areas of your baby and Nafisa will demonstrate using a baby doll. Each class will be a combination of massage techniques, positions and soft stretches with nursery rhymes to engaged your baby. Each Course runs for 4 weeks for about an hour. They can be held as a group in the privacy of your own home. Great way to make friends or keeping in touch with mothers / NCT groups.