If you are new to massage and are not sure if a particular massage is suitable for you please ‘do ask’.

Some questions you are may think are unnecessary or embarrassing. may be detrimental to the enjoyment of your treatment.

If you wanted to anything changed during the session the therapist wanted to know. Anything from firmer pressure to the temperature of the room to the position you are lying in.  It’s your session and your therapist wants you to have the most comfortable experience possible.

You may be asked to fill out a consultation form or would have filled it out via email on booking your session.  The form would have questions asking about your medical history, current medication and general nutritional habits.  Also your current health and reasons or problem areas that you need working on.   These questions are relevant to determine if you are suitable for the style of massage, as sometimes the treatment may have contra-indications.

If you feel you need work on a problem area i.e. on your back in one session, it doesn’t mean that the only area you will have work on in subsequent session.  Each treatment is unique and may vary according to your needs.

The aim is not to cause pain, some clients feel that the deeper the pressure the more beneficial they will find the treatment.  This is not always the case.  It is always advised to breath through the deeper strokes to allow oxygen to circulate to the organs thus naturally inducing relaxation.  If you hold your breath your body naturally tightens up and tension appears.  If there is pain there maybe a tight muscle, if you are relaxed your body is looser and easier to work on.

If you wanting regular maintenance for your body and need to work on something specific or have sore points that recur over and over again, once a week or fortnightly is a good amount to start with.  Along side massage or reflexology, it is always advisable to have a regular exercise, wind down and stretching routine.  After this massage may become less frequent.  Shorter sessions are sometimes quite effective but taken regularly to achieve your goal.

If you are looking for general relaxation or a treat for your body once a month is a good amount but thats entirely up to you and your personal enjoyment.

There will always be time to ask questions before and after a session and feedback is given also.   If you need to talk during the session please do so.  Sometimes you may start with taking and slowly fall into a deep state of relaxation.  It is always nicer to allow your body to deeply relax, clear your thoughts and enjoy the journey.  If the pressure is not as you want it, or music to loud or not to your taste, do not be shy to say so.  Its your session to enjoy!

Most people generally feel relaxed.  But people can react very differently. Sometimes depending on the pre existing conditions a healing reaction can occur.  Sometimes a heighten sense of emotions are displayed, tiredness or a sudden energy boost.  It is advised to get up slowly from the couch, drink some water as this keeps the body’s tissues healthy and hydrated.  More aftercare advice is given in ‘Aftercare’.

If your question has not been answered please use the contact form and will receive a reply back as soon as possible.