Reflexology: Nafisa possesses a unique combination of ability and tranquility. In addition to her knowledge, technique and skills, Nafisa has the gift to impart soothing energy. For me, a treatment with Nafisa has a calming effect and restorative results. I’ve tried all the rest and I was lucky enough to find the best.

Judith Hammersmith 2013

Reflexology:  As a lupus sufferer (an auto-immune disorder), my ailments aside from malfunctioning organs which are the mainstay of this disease are many including arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, acid reflex, digestion difficulties, dry eyes, mouth and skin, sleep disturbances, rashes and skin ailments, sun and heat allergies as well as a myriad of other niggling disorders that won’t kill me but make life extremely difficult.  Whilst some individual ailments can be specifically treated, Lupus itself has no cure as there is no treatment for an immune system that targets an individual’s organs.

Reflexology was suggested to me by my Lupus specialist who found that many of his patients has benefited from this form of treatment.  A good friend recommended Nafisa as a truly talented and gifted healer. I gave her a call and I have been having reflexology treatments from her for 2 years.  Nafisa has not only transformed my mobility and general well being but she has also given me the most important thing of all……. hope.

After spending 3 years only between bed and sofa and not having a life, since beginning treatments, I am now mobile, have returned to work, part time and am able to enjoy a social life once again.  My husband has been so impressed by my progress that he too has a weekly treatment just to maintain his general well being.

Karen from Hammersmith  –  March 2010