Baby Massage: ‘ Nafisa’s baby massage classes are both fun for baby as well as us Mums. Nafisa week by week teaches us the skills to massage our babies with confidence. Whether out babies are suffering with teething, an upset or windy tummy or cold and congestion Nafisa has some great massage techniques to help deal with these. Weekly written and illustrated guides for all the massage taught, are great to use at home for reference and reassurance’.

Thames Ditton NCT class: 2013

Baby Massage:  Nafisa’s teaching style is warm, gentle and encouraging and she has the innate ability to read the mood of the room, making babies and mummies feel completely relaxed and confident.  The full massage routine was built up over the course, recapping the previous weeks, and was easily remembered due to the pairing with familiar nursery rhymes.  She makes the course fun and encourages mummies to ask questions, share experiences, laugh and bond in those early days of motherhood.  The group of women I met on the course still meet for a weekly coffee!  The reminder sheets given each week have helped me to teach the techniques to my partner and Morgan’s nightly bath time massage has become regular Daddy bonding time, which is the highlight of the day.

Nicola, mummy to Morgan (8 months) from Twickenham, May 2013

 Baby Massage:  My partner & I attended Nafisa’s baby massage group.  It was such a lovely time to share together.  It was great to learn new skills which we still use everyday even if it’s a rhyme and some stroking or a full massage when our little one needs extra attention.  Nafisa’s teaching style was a lovely mixture of fun, learning and having an experience.  It was a lovely experience. Thank you.

N Cross with baby Alfie  from Twickenham May 2013