Not just a treatment for the quintessential spa goer or the next level of self indulgence; but now more recognised for those needing to release chronic pain with the ease of heat.  Smooth black basalt stones are used because of their non-porosity quality to retain heat.  Using authentic volcanic stones which filter down to the river beds making them naturally polished and smooth from the elements of the earth.

Hot stone massage is more than a great way to unwind for quality ‘me’ time.  The warmth of the stones are surprisingly comforting, and soothes muscles with ease, ready for further manipulation of deeper muscle tissue.  The movement of the stones on areas of pain or tension can be along the curve of your spine, on the backs of your thighs and calves or even on your stomach, neck and face, warming up tight muscles.

Hot stone massage can helps melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness coupled with hands on massage, encouraging blood flow throughout the body to the muscles which further reduces pain, soreness, and tension. Just placing the stones on the different targeted body parts, such as the spine, back, this will open the blood vessels and increase blood circulation within the body.  Leaving you feeling calm, centered and grounded.  A Treatment for the Gods!

* This treatment can also be blended in with Warm Bamboo sticks to create a different dynamic to your session.  Go with the flow and let the body melt.

Hotstone Massage Nafisa Massage and Reflexology - Teddington London