Lomi Lomi is an ancient form of massage derived from the islands of Hawaii. Traditionally it is based on the philosophy of Huna. It teaches about a kind of life-giving energy called ‘mana’.

If you’re new to whole body healing, I would like to invite you to consider experiencing this journey for yourself.  Lomi Lomi is the “Queen” of massage treatments.  It integrates movement, as well as the core intention of aloha ‘the breath of life’, to deliver a fluid and truly unforgettable body, or “out of body” experience of profound relaxation, calm, inner peace and joy, resulting in a renewed mind-body balance.

In ancient times the massage was performed by Kahunas – priests, and guardians of mystic knowledge and healing system. They joined the massage by dancing around a stone altar. Usually, the ritual was performed for the chosen ones – people who were supposed to exercise authority in the community. The massage lasted for many hours, even days, accompanied by the sound of healing hymns.

The massage is performed on the whole physical body as well as on the energetic ‘bodies’ that surround the physical one, like a flowing dance around you with great harmony and grace.  Its techniques are different from western massage through the application of forearm movements and stretch techniques.

The massage goes as deep as the recipient can tolerate, and it can be very powerful. Hawaiians believe that negative energy can cause blockages in your ‘mana’ (life force or spiritual power). These blockages can become trapped in joints, so various stretches and rotations are performed during the massage to ‘release’ these negative energies. The massage is fluid, rhythmical, communicative, and nurturing.

These sessions are longer than average massage journeys, performed unclothed and with a sarong placed on the body for modesty.  The room is heated as well as the bed.

Tune in to the longing of your heart and choose the journey that speaks to you…