Unravel the forgotten tension from our daily frowns and stressful tightness held in the face.  Like the hands, feet and ears, the face also has a mirror-image of the body imposed on it.  Through treating the reflex points of the Face you can aid the self-healing process.

The face is one of the areas mostly richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels. Its closeness to the brain may have evolved to ensure that any sensory stimulus to the area only has the shortest route to travel to the control centre of the body to address any health imbalances.

Release of tension on the face, neck, scalp and brain, a truly deeply rejuvenating treatment working with the entire body system to address specific issues.

This treatment is offered with the ‘Facial Rejuvenation’, which helps to firm the facial muscles, reducing and/or preventing fine lines and wrinkles.  Stimulation to increase blood circulation and activating lymphatic drainage to achieve a naturally glowing complexion.

Why not mix the session with a head massage or  restorative back treatment for a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Reflexology face with Nafisa Massage and Reflexology - Teddington London