Intuitive Healing or Subtle Energy Medicine is what many of you may know as ‘Healing’. There are many healing modalities and this is one of them.  I had studied Reiki 1 & 2, 20 years ago, which began my quest to understand my self healing journey.  I have made semi precious crystal jewellery then too which became an intense love for crystals.

Crystal Healing has ancient roots. Earlier civilizations, such as the Aztec, Mayan, Indian, Ancient Egyptians, and North American Indians had a strong awareness of the metaphysical properties of crystals. Even today, Royalty use gem stones as symbols of power and authority though their metaphysical significance may not be recognised.

Today, crystal healers are remembering the teachings from the past and integrating these with our more scientific knowledge of crystals. What is being re-born today, is a highly effective, complementary healing system, combining crystals and higher vibrational energy to heal imbalances within the human bio-magnetic energy field. Eastern and Western teachings are thus coming together.

Crystals are one of the highest expressions of physical matter. They hold their form for millions of years, retaining a vibration or a ‘note’ of perfection. This perfect ‘note’ can be used by healers to send healing energy to their clients. The client’s energy field may be sending out a discordant ‘note’, but there will also be an aspect of it that still resonates with, or remembers, it’s original healthy ‘note’. During the healing process, through a process of ‘resonance’, the two notes merge and the client’s energy field returns to harmony.

How a session works:

During a healing session, the healer will attune themselves to receive higher vibrational energies which will then flow throughout the whole of their being. It’s rather like turning on the electricity to light up a bulb. At this point, the healer’s consciousness expands and, depending upon the development of the healer, they become able to assess the condition of the client’s energy field.

Once the receivers energy field has been assessed, the healer will select the appropriate crystals, prepare them to receive the higher vibrational energy and place them on or around the client’s fully clothed body using the appropriate techniques. The healer will then channel healing energy through the crystals into the receiver energy field.

The receiver does not have to believe in crystal or energy healing for it to work; the healer is working on the client’s energy field anyway. All they need to do is to relax and be open to receiving help, talking is also not necessary during the session.  Maybe a short meditation or relaxation can be performed first to allow yourself to be in the moment.

Crystal Healing can be very potent as the crystals shape and focus energy. There are, however, certain instances where Crystal Healing may not be appropriate, but this assessment will be made before the session.

Subtle Energy Medicine is an expanded form of both crystal and energy healing. In addition to crystals, i  use tools such as colour, sound and flowers to enhance the session if appropriate.

This consists of several layers and contains further energetic systems. They relate to all our life experiences (PRESENT AND PAST), memories, mental, spiritual and emotional well being. Blockages, trauma and weaknesses can be sensed in a client’s aura, which a healer then aims to bring back into balance by channeling healing energies where needed. This therapy can also be viewed as a more comprehensive and profound form of crystal and energy healing.

I discovered the  Vibrational Healing Foundation founded by Henriette Maasdijk  a few years ago and began a 2 year Course in Subtle Energy Medicine, which incorporated working with crystals and a healing modality.   I was able to  learn in depth ways to scan the body, chakras and subtle energy field to assess the person being.  My journey is has been quite profound, so when working with crystal and healing energy I connect with the divine light, my source, my god, and my own guidance to facilitate healing for the highest good.  We all have many names for this connection and these are some of mine.

I will assess the condition of your Energy Field which includes looking at the primary meridian system, the chakras (not only the main seven), the subtle bodies and other  finer systems further out in the field. Once this has been done, i will select the vibration which is appropriate for you. This means choosing the right frequency crystals and techniques to help bring your energy field back into balance.

Crystals heal through resonance between the higher ‘light’, the healer, the crystals and the client. Once activated, the crystals also create harmonious frequencies between each other, which is why Crystal Healing can be so potent. It is not suitable for people with sensitive conditions, in which case an energy healing without crystals would be more appropriate.

It is important that a fully qualified Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner is chosen when working with the complexity of Crystal Healing, as a minimum of two years, tutor-lead training is required in order to work with crystals safely within the Energy Field. Crystal Healing can also be sent distantly to anywhere in the world.

I welcome you to the tranquil Garden Room to experience this session.