Here are some lovely words that my clients have to say about my services. I really appreciate feedback as I can use this to improve and advance my services.

I can’t speak more highly of Nafisa. I had a massage / reflexology combo and I haven’t felt as relaxed and chilled for months and months. 🙏

I’ve been coming to Nafisa for years. She’s amazingly intuitive and gives me wonderful massages in a beautiful tranquil environment. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

I am so happy I came across Nafisa Therapy. Being 7 months pregnant, working full time and running around after a toddler, I have found the most perfect space to escape and unwind. I cannot recommend enough, the massage and reflexology treatment was amazing!!! Thank you.. I will definitely be back soon for my peaceful escape 🙂

Nafisa is a fantastic therapist who makes you feel comfortable and listens to your needs. I had a relaxing massage and reflexology session! I’ll definitely be back soon for another treatment. Thanks Nafisa!

I always leave relaxed and happy after every treatment I receive from Nafisa. She is very attentive, calm and cares about your wellbeing. I can’t wait to come and have yet another relaxing, mindful and soothing experience.

Revive treatment- Unbelievable. I felt so physically and emotionally different after! I didn’t realise the extent of tension being carried until Nafisa released it! It was heaven. Thank you so much X

My first appointment with Nasfia (Reflexology) and I will be returning! Very relaxing and calming experience. Nasfia pinpointed some muscle tension/stress and gave advice on how to manage.

Beautiful room , fantastic treatment and Nafisa was really friendly and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Great acupressure massage for lower back pain and migraines. Nafisa was great!

I can recommend Nafisa if you are looking for a good Reflexologist. She really “tunes in” with the patient.

Secret tranquil and a beautiful place for a treatment..Very professional and I have already been back.
If you are thinking of going or buying a treatment as a gift please do.  You will be very pleased you did.

I had half massage/half reflexology which is a great combination. Highly recommended. It’s great that treatment can be given safely under the current circumstances and every consideration has been carefully thought through.

Still feeling relaxed after my brilliant massage today.Tiny lady with powerful hands exactly what the doctor ordered thank u.’

Nafisa has an amazing hands. Just one massage session with Nafisa brought me into a complete state of relaxation and mindfulness. Would highly recommend her.

‘Nafisa is a miracle worker. I have just completed the marathon and do lots of running. Today she managed to unravel my tight muscles and I can now move more freely and without as much pain. It was the most relaxing hour, despite her having to work pretty hard on my back and legs and I would thoroughly recommend her should you have any post-run muscle soreness and need a good deep tissue massage.’

“I highly recommend a treatment with Nafisa, her massages are excellent and have really helped with my back problems. I always leave feeling de-stressed and relaxed. Nafisa’s garden room is very peaceful and tranquil, the perfect place to unwind.”

When I had just had my baby, Nafisa was an essential part of helping me feel better and well in myself again. 9 months on I still won’t see anyone else but Nafisa! She is a highly professional and skilled therapist with extensive knowledge of massage techniques. She has even helped relieve my carpal tunnel pain. I can vouch for the value for money and the excellent service that I know I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

I was recommended by my osteopath to have regular massage to help ease muscle tightness and knots. I have been having massage for a number of weeks now with Nafisa and it’s been really helpful. The pressure is just right to be both relaxing and pleasant experience whilst working on deep tissue. The technique is lovely and just right to ensure I feel completely relaxed which other massage therapists have not managed to achieve quite the same.

Taken from her email after the birth: ….. In labour on Wednesday after our session!!

I had my little girl on Saturday, her name is Daphne and she is gorgeous!  Thank you so much for all your help, I really think that reflexology helped me relax and prepare (and probably my uterus as well as contractions started on my due date!) Take good care and thanks again!

Nafisa possesses a unique combination of ability and tranquility. In addition to her knowledge, technique and skills, Nafisa has the gift to impart soothing energy. For me, a treatment with Nafisa has a calming effect and restorative results. I’ve tried all the rest and I was lucky enough to find the best.

The excellent reviews I had seen persuaded me to book a massage and I am so glad I did. It was a great experience and I would thoroughly recommend a visit. I shall be booking another appointment in the short term.

Thank you so much,  Nafisa! We really enjoyed the class this time around. And Safia, I think likes the massage, or at the very least the songs.  You’re a lovely teacher and person. I’m recommending your class to lots of people.

Hi Nafisa, just want to say thank you for the reflexology treatment on Monday morning. It must have been the magic trick as I went into labour very early Tuesday morning and our baby girl was born less than 2 hours later! Thank you!

Nafisa is a fantastic therapist who makes you feel comfortable and listens to your needs. I had a relaxing massage and reflexology session! I’ll definitely be back soon for another treatment. Thanks nafisa!

I felt completely amazing mentally and physically after the hot stone/bamboo massage. It was incredible. Thank you Nafisa.

First time trying hot stone massage. This is my new favourite treatment – it’s amazing! The whole session was a really indulgent treat with all the things I love.

Amazing massage, I would highly recommend Nafisa, she is calming, very professional and knows just where those knots are. A massage with Nafisa leaves me feeling like I’m walking on air.

I’ve been coming to Nafisa for about three years now, and I always have such a wonderful time. She’s so lovely and kind, but also professional and calming, I couldn’t ask for a better massage therapist, and just wish I could go more often!

The massage and reflex combo hit all the right spots and Nafisa was amazing. I can now look over my right shoulder with ease

Great pregnancy massage and reflexology! A blissful 90min at 37 weeks pregnant 🙂

As a lupus sufferer (an auto-immune disorder), my ailments aside from malfunctioning organs which are the mainstay of this disease are many including arthritis, chronic fatigue, depression, acid reflex, digestion difficulties, dry eyes, mouth and skin, sleep disturbances, rashes and skin ailments, sun and heat allergies as well as a myriad of other niggling disorders that won’t kill me but make life extremely difficult. Whilst some individual ailments can be specifically treated, Lupus itself has no cure as there is no treatment for an immune system that targets an individual’s organs.

Reflexology was suggested to me by my Lupus specialist who found that many of his patients has benefited from this form of treatment. A good friend recommended Nafisa as a truly talented and gifted healer. I gave her a call and I have been having reflexology treatments from her for 2 years. Nafisa has not only transformed my mobility and general well being but she has also given me the most important thing of all……. hope.

After spending 3 years only between bed and sofa and not having a life, since beginning treatments, I am now mobile, have returned to work, part time and am able to enjoy a social life once again. My husband has been so impressed by my progress that he too has a weekly treatment just to maintain his general well being.

I went to Nafisa with a painful neck, shoulder and arm that had been bothering me for a few weeks. I’d been using heat and exercise but just couldn’t shift it. The treatment was uncomfortable – as I expected it to be – my muscles were very unhappy! Immediately after the treatment I felt a lot looser and more comfortable. The next day or two I was quite achy as my body processed the treatment, but not painful like I was before. By the third day I was so much more comfortable, all the pain down my arm is gone, my shoulder just has the odd ache after exercise and I’m back tomorrow for my neck.