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Energy field

I have always found chakra balancing, colour healing, energy fields and auras amazing subjects.   In 2000 on a cold winters morning I sat waiting for my bus on my way to work at the Reflexology shop in Bayswater and a women looked at me and said’ “I can see you have a silver aura”.   Well that made me feel full of energy, full of positive vibes. I trotted off to work not 100% sure what a silver aura meant, but happy with knowledge that life was not boring, it was magical, mystical and had elements of the unknown waiting to be discovered. Turns out it meant, “An awakening of the cosmic mind”.

Colours, auras, energy centers……Then I made my connection with reflexology. Let the journey begin. The Aura can be considered as a ‘mirror’ that reveals our present mental, physical and spiritual state. Like Auras, Chakras also come with specific spiritual colours. Whereas Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning spinning vortexes of energy.

The Chakras interact with the body’s endocrine and lymphatic systems, feeding in good energy and removing unwanted energy. It is very important that our Chakras are nourished and balanced in the correct way in order to maintain good health and prevent dis-ease.” For me the balancing of the chakras via the feet can relaxing the entire body and mind on so many levels.

Chakras are energy centers inside your body that are anchored in place.  Each chakra relates to a different aspect of your life and each chakra is a certain color.  Your root chakra, for example, relates to security, stability, and abundance, and is red.  Your heart chakra is green and relates to compassion, connection with others, and love.  Your throat chakra, which is blue, relates to your ability to communicate and express yourself.
2000 when I first started out as a reflexologist I wanted to learn more and more about the science around the subject as it was still a little hazy. But I also found the more cosmic, spiritual and emotional aspects fascinating, and naturally leaned towards them more.

When working my clients feet they would tell me how they were feeling. One lady mentioned she had a lump in her throat, felt highly stressed with work, as she was not being listened to. This could have meant she had a cold coming or did it mean something deeper. The Throat chakra resonates a blue colour.  When stress occurs it can inhibits speaking or swallowing, which is the outer manifestation of the throat chakra.  So we used the reflexology session to visualise blue during the treatment. I would work on the throat chakra, hormonal balancing and nervous system techniques. Also asking her to breathe in relaxation, breathe out and let go of tension in her body.

For the next few sessions we carried on this pattern and the outcome was a relaxed unstressed lady able to address her issues at work.  We worked on visualisation using colour, breathing, reflex balancing during each session.  The Chakra balancing especially brought about a quiet peacefulness space to my client.

I always noticed a sense of calm and tranquillity, and also notice how you I felt great for having been part of this energy healing. I find it fascinating that we without knowing it, feed and protect our energy system. The clothes and ornaments we wear sometimes can draw attention to a chakra, or hide it. Think of the caps worn by young men, or teenagers with their hoodies even indoors, to protect the crown chakra. There are belts that draw attention to the solar plexus, and necklaces to enhance the power of the throat or heart chakra.

When I incorporate chakra energy points to my treatments, they are highly charged, loaded with vibrant energy, but gentle as light as a snowflake falling.  Revive and feel energised, why not start by wearing your favorite colour today.  See how it makes you feel.