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Pregnancy Nafisa Massage and Reflexology - Teddington London

As a massage therapist I work with pregnant mums from early pregnancy to postnatal. Whether pregnant for the very first time or having children already, all mums could benefits from some form of therapeutic massage.

It’s an amazing journey having a baby. A new mum has to undergo many postural changes, but particularly in the later stages of pregnancy there is a pelvic shift and increased lumbar curve which can result in muscle tension and joint pain. Sleeping positions change at night, the distribution of weight changes when walking and baby changes position in the womb. These can all have an effect possibly resulting in backache, shoulder tension, neck pain, sciatica, or fluid retention. These discomforts can have a knock on effect resulting in tiredness, lack of sleep and sometimes the inability to concentrate.

How massage can help you

The main things during these sessions for me is to help women to feel more at ease in their bodies, and to alleviate their symptoms with the additional benefits endorphin release, the feel good hormone during massage. So giving the mum a sense of all round well-being.

Regular massage visits help facilitate essential relaxation and body release, giving mothers a much better chance of getting a restorative sleep, and feel more hormonally balanced.

Post natal healing

After the baby arrives massage can accelerate recovery in so many ways. With soft tissue manipulation of the body, blood circulation can be stimulated which can help the body to heal and repair, induce relaxation.

Manipulating the soft tissues of the body helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Which can encourage a faster rate of healing. It could also be deeply relaxing and aid a better sleep. Mothers who struggling with hormone imbalance may also find relief with massage, which has been shown to help restore hormonal equilibrium by reducing the biochemicals associated with depression, and cortisol, which is linked to stress and anxiety.

Improving Breast-feeding

Breast-feeding moms often experience neck and shoulder pain from holding baby in a certain position, which can interfere with feedings and rest. will Massage again can help alleviate that tension, they may also help to boost milk production by improving circulation. Massage increases prolactin levels (a lactation hormone) while stimulating relaxation in the chest muscles, opening the shoulders, and potentially improving the production of milk. Research into the benefits of pre and post natal massage are still Although clinical research about the benefits of pre and post-natal massage are still in its early stages, I have seen massage therapy support women during the challenging transitions of early motherhood.

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